Cleveland Kraut Shipping Policy & FAQs

So, you want the best, most delicious and fresh fermented sauerkrauts sent right to your door? Great choice. At Cleveland Kraut we care about 2 things – delicious, live foods and people. We’re here to ensure your goods are handpacked with care and that you receive these delicious ferments safely. Your tastebuds and healthy gut will thank you.

Shipping Window & Order Processing

All online orders are processed and shipped Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays via USPS Priority Mail. Your order will arrive within 2-3 business days of shipment, generally between Wednesday & Friday of the same week barring US observed holidays. Please refer to your tracking information for the specific delivery date. If your order is placed after 2pm EST on Wednesday, it will be processed and shipped the following week.

Please ensure that you will be able to receive your CK order and refrigerate it immediately upon receipt.

Weather Restrictions

During times of extreme cold or heat, we reserve the right to hold your order until we can ensure safer shipping conditions. If you opt to have your order shipped during such extreme weather, we cannot be held responsible for the condition of the Kraut when it lands.

If you have any specific instructions for delivery, please email us directly and let us know at or call us anytime at (216) 965-1270

My Kraut Did Not Arrive Cold and the Package is a Little Funky!

We ship all Kraut orders with cold packs to ensure they help maintain the cold temperature during transit. However, they may be no longer be cold by the time they arrive, but the kraut is still safe to eat. Sauerkraut is not true perishables as the raw active fermentation process accelerates production of lactobacillus, the bacteria keeps food safe at a PH level that does not allow for growth of harmful bacteria. Traditionally before refrigeration, sauerkraut helped preserve the year’s harvest and was kept fermenting in the cellar or barn.

Funky aroma? Totally natural. Our krauts do have a “sour” smell and likely have produced more CO2 by natural fermentation in transit. Just throw them in the fridge and they’ll calm right down. This fermentation is perfectly natural and safe to eat.

The Pouch Seems to be “Puffed” Up and Full of Air. Is it Safe to Eat?

Your sauerkraut continues to ferment during shipping. As the pressure builds through this natural fermentation process, it is possible the pouch puffs up before “off-gassing” through the vent on each. This is perfectly natural due to activity of lactobacillus production that kicks off CO2. You can squeeze the pouch and force the gas through the vent or simply open the pouch.

How Long does this Naturally Fermented Sauerkraut last in the Fridge?

Due to the preservation qualities of fermentation, our krauts are made to last! We suggest using within 1 year of the manufacture and each pouch has it’s “Best By” date. While we know you’ll devour the deliciousness in a week or two, your fresh krauts will be good for months and months after opening. So go ahead, eat a few forkfuls straight out of the bag and zip up the goods for later!

We hope you enjoy the goods and are always ready to help answer any questions or concerns!

Team CK

(216) 264-6895

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